September 1, 2016

Round #6 - Great Week (3/4/16) ~ Off Week - Fun, Sun, and Blessings (3/13/16)

Round #6 Great Week

This week was round 6, only two more to go before the next scan. My week started out with seeing Foreigner in concert at the Tivoli with Erin. We ha an awesome time. We even got moved to the front row so I could see the show, and I got the set list at the end of the show!!

I also received good news from Dr. Tran this week. My tumor markers are normal. This is an indication that the chemo is still working. I am so glad it has been a great week!

Off Week - Fun, Sun and Blessings

It's been a great week. I wake up everyday thankful that I am blessed to feel so well. Many are not so fortunate. I am so glad to feel like me.

The sun has been out this week. It's been great to be out enjoying it. It has made a difference in the way I feel.

I spent time with Jade and Aaron last week. We had a nice lunch at City Cafe and I was finally able to see her apartment. Today was a great day! I enjoyed a quiet day catching up on my stuff, and then enjoyed Taco Bell and some TV with mom and dad. I truly cherish everyday & everything!

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