September 6, 2016

No Title (3/13/16) ~ Round 7: Chemo Day (3/16/16)

No Title

This has just continued to be a great week. The sunshine has really improved my mood this week and I have enjoyed a lot this week. Tomorrow is Round 7. I am looking forward to having a couple friends visit and have lunch. And praying for no side effects!

Round 7: Chemo Day

Today was a wonderful day - long but wonderful. I had company today. Sandy, from church came to visit. She is a Stage IV breast cancer survivor. Eight years and counting. What a blessing!

I also shared lunch with my 6th grade Homeroom/Social Studies teacher and her son. I am so glad we were able to do this!

Dr. Tran is still pleased with everything. He was very happy to find out that I had not been on pain meds in 2 months. I am just thankful to feel good. I am truly blessed!

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