September 28, 2015


Yes, that is a tattoo you see. My very first one. I am now inked. I have wanted some ink for a very long time, but would not get up the courage to get one because I did not know what I wanted, and I was afraid it was going to hurt really bad.

Well, as it turns out it did not hurt as bad as what I thought it was going to. I thought they dug the needle into your skin, LOL. You can tell I am new to the tattoo world huh?

I chose this as my tattoo because I wanted I constant reminder of the journey I have been on and where my hope is. My hope is anchored in the love that Christ has for me. My hope is getting to know Him more and more everyday.

I had it put on my wrist so I could see it. So others could see it. You never know, that little tattoo may lead to a conversation and ultimately leads someone to Christ.

September 10, 2015

Rock The Smokies

This year I was able to attend the first annual Rock the Smokies event at Dollywood on September 5. This event features four Christian bands. Some of them play throughout the park at different times, and the well known are set up in the Celebrity Theatre. This was my first time attending a Christian concert series of any kind. Let me tell you, I had an amazing time!

The first band we saw was Love and The Outcome. This group is a husband and wife duo from Canada. They just recently moved to the area. They really have love for the Lord and I am excited to see what He has in store for them!!

The next show was The Sidewalk Prophets. We were able to get front row seats to the show, which was awesome in my book! :)  I only knew one of the songs they sang, but they put on an amazing show. Their music is wonderful. I grew to absolutely love them during this concert. They sing some very uplifting songs! I would sure like to see them again.

The last show was of course, what we had all been waiting for. For King & Country, and Third Day! It was so amazing getting to worship with them. Everyone's mind was on the same thing, God and glorifying Him! FC&C really puts on a killer show. They engaged with the crowd. They had us sing Amazing Grace, and I forgot to record it... :( Then, they came out into the crowd. The guitar player shook my hand and the lead singer, jumped up on the chair in front of me and sang, then hugged me when he got down; before going back up to the stage. I really like this band, not just because they hugged me... they really have an awesome story to tell about their relationship with Christ. 

Third Day, what can I say? They were awesome!!! It was hard for me to see the show well because I couldn't see over the people in front of me, but I made the best of it and it was still great! I would love to see them again as well. 

Needless to say, I have a new love for Christian Rock! <3