September 8, 2016

Round 8: Reaction (4/2/16) ~ Round 9 (4/17/16)

Round 8: Reaction

This round of chemo took an unexpected turn. I had a reaction to some of the chemo. I got very hot, my BP went up, and I felt like I could pass out at any moment. It was very scary!

The doctor quickly took me off the meds that caused the reaction and said he will change it. I was given a steroid and began to feel better shortly thereafter! In the meantime I have just enjoyed time off while waiting for the CT at the end of this week. I did experience a little nausea this cycle but it was tolerable.

I have noticed less anxiety this go round as well, even knowing I have a scan. I have kept as busy as I could and kept positive people and thoughts around! I am impressed daily with the way I feel and the mobility I have regained.

God is working in my life. I have no doubt. I know He has His hand on those scan results already and they are going to be just fine. IN JESUS NAME!!
Round 9

I have not been writing in this like I intended to. I really wanted to record my thoughts and feelings in here - and I feel I have failed in doing so.

Better late than never, right? I had my second CT Scan April 8th. It wasn't as bad as the first but it was still frustrating. I had my port accessed at the doctor's office... got to the hospital and they told me they could not use it because it was the wrong tubing once again. They had to run an IV, thankfully this time it only took one stick.

The results came back goo. There are no new growths and the liver tumor has shrunk.. I continued with treatment this week (Round 9). I have not had anymore bad side effects since being taken off the Oxcillaplatin(sp?).

However, I have been very tired this round. I've slept a lot. But, this is a normal part of treatment. Though it alarms me a bit. I am still thankful because it could be much worse. I will continue to make the best of each day and rest more.

Now, I am just waiting on an appointment with Dr. Lorenzo for another evaluation to see what she thinks about surgery now.

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