May 24, 2012

Birthday Weekend

Last weekend was my birthday weekend. My birthday was Sunday, May 20.

The weekend began by having lunch with one of my best friends, Alex on Friday. Alex and I have known one another since sixth grade and have kept in touch throughout the years. We hadn't seen one another since I graduated High School in 2002. We enjoyed a nice lunch at Cracker Barrel with his mom and step-dad. Afterwards, we browsed around TJ-Maxx and Goodwill. It was nice to not only be out of the house, but to spend time with a great friend. I'm thankful to have Alex in my life and call him one of my best friends. I'm looking forward to many more lunch dates and hanging out! :)

Saturday, after Michael got home from work and had a nap we got ready and went out to Pokey's. My favorite local rock band was playing and I wanted to go listen to them for my birthday. I had a great time. Live music is one of my most favorite things. It's right up there with NASCAR/Racing. I get a thrill from it. The music makes me feel free. I forget all my worries when I'm dancing and listening to live music. I know this probably will not make a lot of sense, but I feel like a "normal" person when I'm dancing. It brings a beaming smile to my face and my soul dance with joy.

Sunday my Mom cooked my favorite dinner. I requested this as my birthday gift this year. Dinner consisted of meatloaf, fried taters,(yes, I said 'taters); slaw, creamed corn, fried okra, and green onions. This has always been my favorite dinner since childhood, along with pintos and cornbread. I thoroughly enjoyed dinner and spending time with my family.

I did receive some gifts:

Pink camo outfit
2 CD's from One Shot Down
Lantern for camping
Camping chair(s)

Turning 28 wasn't too bad after all! :)