April 27, 2012

The New Ride! :)

This post has been a long time coming! Sorry about the poor quality of the picture and the sweater in the background. This is my new wheelchair that I've had for about a month now. It is a Quickie 2 XTender. The rear wheels have battery operated axles which makes the chair easier to push when I have the power assist engaged. It is like having two chairs in one. I can push it normally, around the house; or turn on the power assist when I will be going long distances, such as the mall. I really like it. It is truly the most comfortable and most awesome chair I've had! If I could, I would be on a billboard advertising this chair, Ha!

And let's not forget the color! It's Candy Apple Red. This just so happens to be the same color on Jeff Gordon's Drive to End Hunger Cheverolet. If you know well, you know that made picking that color worth it! :)

4-27-2011: A Year Later

One year ago today, the city of Cleveland & Bradley County was devastatingly hit by tornadoes, along with many other parts of the South East.

For me today has been a day of reflection and thankfulness in realizing how fortunate I was that day.
I remember waking up to the sound of the wind whistling around the house and the power going out. My sister and I could see traffic stopped and emergency vehicles all along the road. Many people had text and called multiple times asking if we were okay. We had no idea what had just taken place. A tornado had just bounced over my home and went straight across the road destroying everything in its path.

At first, the thought that I had slept through a tornado was a bit wowing I guess you could say. Now however, looking back I wish I had been awake and alert to what was going on around me. It is evident to me that God's Grace and protection were with us that day. That tornado could have destroyed my home and everything I have. I could have been one of those who were not so fortunate.

Cleanup and recovery efforts are still taking place today. Lives are still being rebuilt and new friendships made everyday as a result of our community coming together as one and lending a hand. That is why I am proud to be from Tennessee and be a small town girl.  We really do come together as one and volunteer.