December 15, 2011

Inspirational People

I wanted to take a moment and share with you some of the people that inspire me; or have made an impact on my life.

My Parents.  Where do I even start? These are two amazing people and I am so thankful that I was chosen to be their daughter. They have been through a lot with me concerning my Cerebral Palsy; but we have chugged right on through together. They show me love daily. They helped me push through the tough times when I would buck up and fight. They really taught me how to be strong and to never give up. To always go for what I wanted and not let anything stop me. I think I have done this well. Thank you for teaching me to 'Roll with It'. I love you both!

My Sister. This girl is the best friend God knew I couldn't live without. She has always accepted me and never treated me any different than anyone else. We have so many good memories I couldn't even begin to write them here. She is a very strong and beautiful woman. She stands up for what she believes in and doesn't back down. Throughout our lives, I have looked up to her a lot. It always felt like she should be the older sister, lol. She has always been willing to help in a time of need even from a young age. I'm so glad that she is in my life and that I have been blessed to call her my Sister. She also gave me the best gift anyone could ever ask for; my niece Kaylee Isabella!

Michael. I'm so thankful that we came into each others lives when we did. He is the love of my life and I'm so glad I get to share that with him. We have been through a lot in 5 years but we have stuck it out through good and bad. He accepts me and loves me, and I give the same in return. To this day he can still give me butterflies and melt my heart. I love his smile, his personality, and his caring gentle soul more so now than the day I met him. It is my prayer that our love continues to grow and conquer what ever life may toss our way. He is a true blessing in my life.

Jade. She is my bestie!!! I met her through Michael and I am so glad I did. She is so much fun to be around and has really helped me grow a lot in my personal self over the last 4 years. She has taught me; along with many others that it is okay to speak up. [I am still working on it, but getting better.] She is a very strong, bright woman who faces whatever life throws at her with immense courage and faith. She's been there for me through a lot, and I have done the same for her. That's what besties are for! My life definitely would not be the same without her! :)

George.  I met George in August of 2005. He was my physical therapist in Dayton where my Granny too me for therapy. I quickly took a liking to George for the compassion he had for his job and patients. He is a genuine person. Definitely a one of a kind. In the Spring of 2006 I moved to Cleveland and was estatic to learn that he was at the Cleveland BenchMark PT. I always looked forward to working with him. He makes therapy as fun an enjoyable as possible for his patients. George and I have developed a friendship over the last 6 years that I hope lasts the rest of our lives. Not only is he one of my favorite PT's; he is also an awesome friend and mentor. He has seen me in good times and bad; and has always been there to listen and offer his support and guidance if needed. His compassion for others carries over into his family as well. He loves his wife, and all their children greatly without question. I am so thankful to know this family and I appreciate them allowing me to be a part of their lives.

Many of my other friends and family members have also been an inspiration to me throughout this journey called life. If not for their love, and support I don't know where I would be today.

Who inspires you?

December 9, 2011


I know this post is long overdue. . .

Thanksgiving was great this year. Mom cooked dinner and we all went down to have a feast. The dressing and sweet potato casserole, and cherry cheescake are always my favorites and my Mommy always does a good job. I was thankful that we were all able to be together and be there for mom. All being myself, Michael, Emily and her family, my cousin Jodi and her family and a good friend of my sisters'. I know that it was tough for my Mom this year. It was for me as well in a sense. It was different. But I am so thankful that we have each other and share the love that we do. I know my grandparents were definitely there with us in spirit.

Since this is my Thanksgiving post. I suppose I should say what I am thankful for. Here goes:

  • My family and the love that we share.
  • Michael, my love and our relationship. I'm thankful he came into my life.
  • Seeing my sister get married. She's all grown up now!
  • My home.
  • My pup Bruno, he keeps me good company.
  • My many friends who are always blessings to me.
  • The beauty God creates daily.

Christmas is getting closer and I know it is going to be tough for us as well. If you're reading, please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers. <3


November 11, 2011. Not only is this Veteran's Day but also the day my sister said "I Do" to the love of her life. The wedding was lakeside on my Granny's property and was just absolutely breathtaking. I was honored to be the Maid of Honor and be at my sister's side on her big day. Everyone looked great! Kaylee (her daughter) made a beautiful flower girl, and Kevin of course was a handsome groom. 

I am so happy for my sister and hope that the 3 of them have a wonderful life together!