September 27, 2016

Off Week (7/9/16) ~ Round 13 (7/14/16) ~ Off Week Again (7/16/16)

Off Week

For an off week this one has been quite a challenge. But, I still manage to find good in each day.

I had a very good Fourth of July with Mike, Karen, and cuz Misty. She and I got to meet EmiSunshine! I was  really tired that night and snappy because I was hurting. Thankfully, that is all good now.

However, to backtrack... I learned I do not like to be away from Mom and Dad during chemo week. It's nothing against anyone else, I am just use to the way we do things and that is okay.

Now, why this week has been a challenge...

My hands have been numb and tingling since treatment. This is very frustrating. I can't stand to touch anything cold or wet. I have to put something over a cup and can't stand the feeling of a wash cloth which makes showering difficult. Writing, typing, everything I normally do is effected by this because I don't like the way things feel in my hands.

I have also been ill and irritable this week. This is expected with medications I am on, but I am going to work on it the best I can.

Round 13

So far this round has gone well. I am hoping not have any bad side effects after this round because I have plans Saturday. I watched the ESPYS last night. There was a gentleman on there who has leukemia an has lived 2 years long than expected. He renewed my hope and made me want to fight harder. I find it amazing how people we do not know can help us. I hope that someone out there is helped through my story. I know I have probably touched many and just don't know it.

I had a visit from Aunt Sharon and Uncle Andy today. We went to and visited Mamaw and Papaw. It was good to see them!
Off Week Again

I do not seem to be having a tough time with this round. After I get the pump disconnected I have trouble going to the bathroom for the first couple days. But, today was much more pleasant in that area.

The only problems I had today was my shoulder. I nearly cried because it was hurting so bad and was also having pain around my port. This always makes me anxious because I immediately think, "blood clot" and it takes me a while a calm down. I was able to get a good nap today and relieve my shoulder. I am grateful because I had plans today with Mike and Karen. We went to the last concert of the summer in Decatur. I was finally able to see chris Hennessee live! He even stepped down off stage to have his picture made with me.

I am so thankful for my good days and being able to make the most of them doing things like this!

I love it when cancer DOES NOT WIN!

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