March 17, 2016


I have been feeling really good lately even after treatments. A few weeks ago Mom and I were running an errand and I heard on the radio that Foreigner was going to be at the Tivoli that night and the show was not yet sold out. I immediately got on the phone with my buddy Erin and asked her if she wanted to go with it. She did. I came straight home and purchased the tickets. A couple minutes later the show was sold out.

When I was purchasing the tickets, I asked the lady on the line if I would for sure be able to see from my seat. She assured me that I would and I went through with the purchase. When the show started, it was a different story. I could not see anything for the people standing up. This was upsetting to both Erin and I. She asked one of the employees if we could just get our money back because I could not see the show and it was not worth it. They politely asked us to hang on a moment they were going to get someone. A few moments later a gentleman came to us and said, "Follow me. I am going to move you to the front." He moved us right to the stage!!!

We had an amazing time after that. All of the band members came up to us and rocked out. The lead singer even grabbed my hand twice. ;) I started not to go to the show because I was worried about my counts and catching something, but I am so glad we went and had such a great time. After all, life is all about LIVING!!!

I know you've been waiting... here are pictures:

Next on the list as long as I will be able to see and nothing gets in the way, ZZ TOP!

Love and Hugs,

March 14, 2016

Health Update & Loving Life

Well, it has been nearly a month since I have wrote here. I did not realize it had been that long. I have lots to update about!

First, I want to give an update about my health. Everything is going well. My tumor markers are down in the NORMAL range. This is a good thing. I do not know how to explain what tumor markers are, other than to say that they are found in your blood, and everyone has them but it does not mean that you have cancer. Only when they are elevated does it raise the question of such. However, this does not mean that my cancer is gone just because mine are in the normal range. It does mean that there is shrinkage.

I have two scans left and then will be having a scan. After the scan I will discuss what is next with my doctor. I am believing that there will be nothing on the scan. I know God is capable of this and that if it is His will in my life it will be so. As a matter of fact, I went to Perry Stone's church in Cleveland with my cousin last week to hear him preach and at the end of the service there was a prayer line. When it began to form, I became overwhelmed with emotion and began to cry, (I do this when I know the Spirit is near). I had told my cousin before the service that I did not want to go through the prayer line.. but let me tell you.. you can't ignore that "tug" and I didn't. The closer we got to the beginning of the line the more Peace I felt. Perry asked for healing of cancer and even prayed with me personally not knowing my diagnosis. I am certain something happened that night for all of us there. God is going to do something big. He is doing something big. He is making my testimony bigger everyday!

I am so blessed, even through this battle. I told someone the other day that I had to be one of the happiest people I knew that had been told they had cancer and I am. I still love life but I love it even more than I did before November 23, 2015. I love spending time with mom and dad at night watching tv before bed. I love riding the backroads with my sister on warm sunny days. Lunch with friends. Phone calls. Texts. Vists. I could go on and on... everything means so much more than it use to. I have learned to live everyday and I am so thankful. If you have not learned how, I hope you do.. because it is truly a life changing experience. I do not take the little things for-granted anymore. I cherish them.

You should too.

Love and Hugs,