August 30, 2016

Feelings (2/11/16) #5/ Off week (2/23/16)

Loneliness - I have been single now almost 3 years and been fine. However, I have noticed the further into treatment I get the more lonely I feel. I know I have a lot of people who love and care for me, but I long to love someone again. I know it will happen with time...

Anxiety/Sadness - I've had a problem with anxiety & sadness for  a couple weeks because I knew I had a scan coming up this week. I've woke up crying a few mornings and experienced thoughts of what if... not sure what to expect next...

Happiness/Reassurance - Knowing for sure things are going well and treatment IS working.

Round 5 went well, no side effects as experienced with 4. I have been going and doing a lot more the last couple weeks even though it has been cold and wet. I will be glad when Spring arrives and the sunshine is out more - though I will still have to cover up so my face doesn't turn pink!

Therapy is going well. Not sure if we are going to do a lot, but it is something and they do come to the house.

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