June 6, 2014

Pampering Should be Relaxing

Let's face it, most all females like to be pampered once in a while. This usually consists of some shopping and most likely a manicure and/or pedicure. I am one of those girls. I do not have painted nails often because it is not something I do well on my own. [Trust me I've tried] So, ever great once in a while I have girl time with my sister and a friend and have my nails painted.

I am always satisfied with the way my nails turn out and it makes me feel girly as it should.

However, the process of having my nails done has never been a truly relaxing experience for me. You may be thinking, "Well, why not? I love going to have my nails done!"

This is why:

  • I cannot roll completely under the manicure table.
  • The manicurist usually seems frustrated with me because I cannot completely relax my hand.
  • I have to lean way over the table which causes my back to hurt.
If I were able to roll completely under the table I think my experience in such a salon would be different. I would be able to sit more comfortably and not have to lean way over, nor would they have to pull at my arm all the time. And the manicurist would not seem as frustrated.

Thoughts ladies?

June 2, 2014

A Peaceful Sunday

Yesterday was a very peaceful day for me. It was quiet and relaxing. I spent a lot of time outside. I enjoy the outdoors when the sun is shining bright! My lilies finally bloomed. I love it when they do!

Later in the afternoon I enjoyed a Nestle Drumstick on the porch. The first ice cream I've had this summer. It was delicious! :) 

I also prepared dinner last night, it's the least I can do for my sister and all the hard work she does. I am so glad we have been blessed with an awesome relationship. I made BBQ Chicken in my crock pot!

I ended the night with my favorite little person my sunshine. I love having her around! :)