September 22, 2016

Chemo #10 and 11 (6/16/16)

Chemo #10 and 11

 Round 10 was a bit rough. As I expected it to be. I had some tummy troubles and was completely exhausted from treatment. I slept the entire weekend away. It took a couple days after for me to start feeling good. Then the following Wednesday I ended up vomiting shortly after taking my AM meds. So I took it easy and laid around the majority of the day. Thankfully, by evening I was well again.

Thursday was an exciting day, it was my very first day of work at The Dog House. I really enjoyed it and had a lot fun. Definitely looking forward to next Thursday. The dogs are good anxiety therapy. I ma hoping to pick up one more day on my off weeks. I cannot go in during chemo week because my immunity could be low and I have the 5-FU pump on; which would get in the way a lot.

Round 11 has not been bad at all. (Thank you Jesus). Dr. Tran is still very pleased with how I am doing. Especially how well I am able to keep pain controlled with a few pain meds and heat. Mainly heat!! No tummy trouble so far. The steroids make me hungry though! So, I am off to get some food in my belly!

Busy, Busy, Busy

That has been me on my off weeks since treatment has resumed. After having my pump disconnected the time before last, I met up with Darlene and her family for brunch at Denny's and then they took me on a shopping spree at Kohls. I got new clothes, shoes, and jewelry.

That Saturday I ended up going to the bathroom every 2 hours. I had plans with Heather that day for coffee. Since I could not go, she brought it to me and we visited a while. Sunday was Father's day. We grilled out for Dad. Later that evening I started having sharp pains in my right shoulder so we went to the ER to make sure I did not have blood clots. Thankfully,  it was just a strained muscle. It was better in a few days!

On Wednesday (22nd) I went to the Cookie Jar Cafe with my friend Shannon. We both had salad and dessert. You can't eat there without getting a dessert to go! It's a must!

Thursday, I did not have to go to work which was a good thing because I woke up with an upset stomach and the poops for a couple days. No more salad for me...

I was better Saturday so I was able to go to the family reunion and also enjoy some live music with Jade!

Sunday I rested. I guess all the running caught up to me. That is the way it goes sometimes!

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