September 17, 2016

Round 17: More Good News, & Disconnect Day 9.9.16 ~ Off Week

Wednesday's appointment went well. Dr. Tran looked over my last scan again and said the liver tumor was so small, there would likely not be a need for any additional (targeted therapy).

According to the American Cancer Society, Targeted therapy is a newer type of cancer treatment that uses drugs or other substances to more precisely identify and attack cancer cells, usually while doing little damage to normal cells. Targeted therapy is a growing part of many cancer treatment regimens.

I, of course, thought this news was awesome. I just keep seeing how amazing God is through all this.

This week has been good. Nana sat with me at treatment. We enjoyed talking and coloring, and lunch from Jersey Mike's. It has been years since I have ate there - it is still as good as I remember it being back in my MTSU days!

Thursday was also a good day. I did have some pain & discomfort, but it was tolerable. I had sweet company for the afternoon. Mrs. Carolyn Devaney stopped by. She is a very sweet lady. I look forward to visiting with her again soon.

Since going back on a full-time medicine regimen I had to have the dosage lowered because I have been having a hard time staying awake during the day! Hopefully, this change helps! eta: So far it hasn't!!

Today, Friday has been a really good day with mom. We went and had my pump disconnected, and I had to get more Magic Mouthwash, and I will definitely be using it when the inside of my mouth feels chapped. Afterward, I treated us to lunch! We have just had a lot of fun together this week, with the help of Snap Chat. :) Hoping for minimal side effects, although it's looking like some naps may be in there somewhere.

My off week has been pretty good. It's been rather quiet, and I have been somewhat fatigued. The main focus of this week has been keeping pain under control. Somedays that is easy, some it is not. I am still trying to figure out if this medicine regimen is really working or not. I am having a hard time telling...

Thursday, I was able to enjoy dinner with my cousin Michael and his family at Yamato. I love Japanese, and will eat it any chance I get. His little boy, Sawyer is growing and cute as ever! I told them I really appreciated them making time for me, and next time our dinner was my treat!

Friday, was just a quiet day at home. I spent a lot of time going through my social media, and then colored for quite some time. It was a bad day for pain.. hard to control. :/

I have to say, despite trying to control pain today has been a good day. Mom, Dad, and I enjoyed an early dinner at Huddle House. The best part of my meal was the Dr. Pepper float. I was going to come home and nap, but as you can see that has not happened yet, I decided to write!!

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