August 9, 2016

Friends - They're Important (1/2/16) ~ Preparation: Treatment Week 2 (1/3/16)

I have continued to make the absolute best days out of this off week! I've been out of the house a few times and was able to treat myself to a new gadget that will help pass the time on chemo days. I also found great joy in coloring again, it'd been a while.

Most of all, I have found the importance of having friends and why they're a vital part of our lives. They keep us happy, vibrant, abnd full of life. My friends and family have really made this week a blast!

This week has been full of:


As long as I have God, family, and my friends I know I will make it through this cause they are all a girl needs!!

God is good through all times in our lives! He loves us through our darkest and makes our bright days brighter!

I was able to attend church this morning for at least one more time before my immunity lowers too much. I am glad because it was a great way to prepare for the week ahead. Round 2 of treatment begins Tuesday at 8:30.

The sermon this morning was great preparation for being able to trust Him through tough times this week. It was a refreshing reminder that was much needed!

Tonight's verse is also:

All of the struggle will be for good! Romans 8:28

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