August 25, 2016

Round 16, Birchwood Girls, Church - Pictures Included!

Wednesday was fantastic for the most part. I had some pain, but I fought through it. I got up early enough to put make up on, which was fun, and made me feel good. I figured I may as well put my free samples to use instead of just letting them sit in my make up bag. The eyeliner I got in my Ipsy bag this month rocks! I always look forward to getting my make up bag each month, now to start making a point to get use out of it.

Jessica, (My Birchwood Girl) came to visit Mom and me at treatment this week. We went out for lunch after, and then had a short, nice visit at her house before having to head out for church. She has a beautiful home. It is very quiet and peaceful with a lot of natural light coming in. I love it and could spend hours sitting by the huge windows in the kitchen reading.

Mom mentioned something about wanting my tablet at treatment and I told her she could have it, and I would get an iPad since it would connect with my phone and also since Apple seems to connect to WiFi at treatment a lot better than my Surface. Needless to say, Jess remembered her son had an iPad he no longer used and he kindly gave it to me. I went shopping on Amazon today and bought a case with a keyboard for it. I am looking forward to learning how to use it - cause I've never had an iPad!

This handsome boy right here is Jess' baby named Barnabas. He is a beautiful Maine Coon cat. I am not generally a cat person, but this big guy kinda stole my heart. He is just a big ole baby! He has a very sweet and playful nature about him. So, now I am his "Aunt Crystal". :)

To go back to treatment, it went great today; the new port has made a huge difference. It doesn't feel weighted and heavy upon access like the other one. I really cannot even tell I have this one in. Just knowing that made the day a whole lot better!

However, I do have to change my medicine regiment which I was not happy about, but will do what I have to to remain pain-free at this point even if I don't like it.

Ya know, that's just life sometimes, we fight through pain to have a good day and suck it up, and do things we do not like to remain comfortable and/or pain free to keep our lives worth living!

I was also able to attend the first night of Kids Konnection - a program my church is doing in place of Awana this year. I have to say it is really neat. I enjoy watching the kids get exciting about singing and serving our Lord. I get to be with the toddlers. I must say, it is lots of fun. They are little busy bodies and they love to push my wheelchair around. I am blessed to be able to sit in this class even though we do not really teach them anything. I am teaching them how to accept someone who is "different" at a very young age. I love having this opportunity, and they are a joy to be around. I love the sound of their laughter as they run around giggling, and the warmth of their smile and hugs.

Hugs and Love,

P.S.: I just realized I never sign my posts.. shame!

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