August 11, 2016

The Day Before - Ehh, Blah, Meh (1/4/16) ~ Round 2 - After (1/9/16)

I do not feel bad today, but I do not feel good either. The title sums up my mood. I am just blue. I know a lot of people love and care about me - I know; but there is still a space I long to fill. The space for love. It has been empty for over 2 1/2 years now... I wish today could be spent with someone cuddled up under my new electric blanket. Quiet and warm!

This time has been a little bit better. I am still very restless, but that should be passing in a day or so. It makes it tough to rest.

I have been able to eat better this time around. Maybe tomorrow I will feel even more like myself.

I have made the best out of today I do believe! I was able to eat some cereal and enjoyed a game of Scattergories with Mom and Dad! :)

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