April 21, 2016

Same Life, New Story: Rahab


Based on the story of Rahab, I believe I can begin my new story because...

I believe. I believe we all have our chance to make our wrongs right for a better tomorrow. We just have to take that chance while there is still time. Rahab did. She believed that God would spare her and her family through the battle; He did. So, Rahab was able to give up her past of being a harlot and begin a new life with God. We are all given that same opportunity through Christ if we take it.

Also, in this chapter Jan notes the importance of asking yourself how people and situations are going to affect your story you are writing. There have been many times in my adult life that I could have missed out on a lot of trouble and hurt feelings if I had truly listened when others were right, and not been so bull headed. I have finally started seeing the importance of evaluating people and situations in my life since I started this journey last November. I no longer have time for drama or just having someone around for the heck of it, or at their convenience. You're either in it with me or not, your choice.

I have also learned what God takes from you, He replaces with something far better just as He did for Rahab. There have been people and situations removed from my life in recent years and because of that, He has been able to bless my life in ways I would have never dreamed of. I know what the meaning of a true friend is and what it means to be a true friend. I know how to trust that His will is far greater than my own.

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