April 28, 2016

Same Life, New Story: Hannah


The constant drama in my life centers around cancer (who?), and I can begin to delete that destructive drama by...

My entry today is not about a person like Hannah had to deal with (though I have encountered such people in my life and had to rid myself and life of them).

My current drama comes from cancer. As I have wrote about in a past blog; I found out just before Thanksgiving and began treatment the week of Christmas. So, as you may expect, the holidays last year were tough. I did not feel like myself and can honestly say I did not enjoy them like I wanted to because I was too busy having thoughts of "What if..." How could I not?!?

Cancer brings drama with it just the same as a person who is not happy with his/her life.

  • It does not care about you!
  • Causes intense pain, requiring strong meds.
  • Also known to cause blood clots.
  • Extreme tiredness and fatigue.
  • Nausea.
  • Low WBC counts (low immunity).
  • Numerous tests.
  • Harsh treatments (chemo and/or radiation).
A person who is always unhappy will always try to bring another down. Cancer has tried to bring me down and steal my joy to no avail. Instead, it has created my greatest joy; living and loving life! 

Unlike toxic people, I cannot delete cancer from my life. I have had to learn to trust God's will through this and just know He is in control. That has not always been easy because there are parts of this journey that I will never understand, and that is okay. Just like we don't always understand people like Penninah.

But, it is our job to be strong and stand up against those who think they can tear us down. God instilled in me a strong power to fight and make it.

Always have. Always will.

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