April 28, 2016

Cancer is Tiring

This is how I have felt for the last couple weeks even though things have been going so well and I have received good reports. I have just been tired. I am thankful to be getting four week break from chemo. That will give me plenty of down time to regroup. My last treatment was just exhausting. I could not do anything that weekend but sleep, and then last weekend I ended up having sinus trouble, which again made me tired.

I have had a very busy couple of weeks medically; preparing for possible surgery. I had an Anoscopy done last Thursday (4/21). Everything turned out great. Dr. Lorenzo could not find the rectal tumor, only a scar there. Tuesday (4/26) I had a CT-guided biopsy of my lower left pelvis - those results are still pending. Hopefully, they come back benign and it is something that can just be removed. Monday, (5/2) I go back to the hospital for a Cystoscopy. After all results are in from these tests I will go back to Dr. Lorenzo and further discuss surgery.

I do have some more good news to post. Starting this week I have a 4 week break from chemo. This is also in preparation for surgery. I am glad to have the break because I can get caught up on more rest and also enjoy things without so much worry. It will be nice.

However, the title of this post is true. Cancer is very tiring... there are things that come with it that just make you tired such as Cancer Related Fatigue. I know some of the things I post about on Facebook and here may seem like a joke, but they are definitely real. The fatigue hits without warning like a ton of bricks. There is no stopping it. Thankfully, it's only happened a couple times.

No matter how tired I get, and how much I don't want to.. I will always keep fighting!

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