December 6, 2015

New Doctors/An Easy Weekend

Friday's appointments went well. The PET scan took about 90 minutes. The longest part is sitting and waiting for the dye to be digested through your body. (I will be sure to take a book next time!) The results of the scan will be in Monday, but I will not know what they are until I see Dr. Tran Wednesday afternoon. The results of the PET scan is the only part of this whole journey that I am even semi anxious about, only because it shows where the cancer is in my body. My prayer is that it has not spread and is contained within my rectum only.

I met with my surgeon Friday afternoon as well. She is very pleasant to be around and has a great bedside manner and concern for her patients. I feel the same way about her colleague I spoke with as well. They are just as baffled as any other doctor I have seen within the last few weeks. Once the PET results are in and gone over - everything will make more sense for everyone involved. Also, the genetics testing will help the surgeons decide their course of action as well. I will update on that as soon as that information is available. I will see them again in 2 weeks.

My liver biopsy will be done Tuesday morning at 7 or 7:30 a.m. Though I am not looking forward to the procedure I am glad it will be done and over with. One less thing to worry about.

My weekend has been great. Friday evening I was able to spend time with my sweet friend/sister LaBrisha and her daughters Haylee and Kylee. It had been a little over 2 years since I had seen them. The visit definitely made me feel good and lifted my spirits. Kylee and Kaylee were able to play too. It was a great evening, and I hope they are able to visit again soon.

Saturday evening we had a visit from our friend Sheila. She and her husband came by to pick up a swing and visited for a little over an hour I'd say. We all had a lot of laughs. I really enjoyed seeing them and meeting her husband. Hopefully, when I am well; we can go visit them and see their animals.

I had intentions of going to church this morning, but was not able to because of my pain. I know they all understand, but I miss my church family. They are all wonderful people.

It's been a relaxing, easy weekend.

Love and Hugs

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