December 19, 2015

Busy Week

This past week was very busy. I had appointments everyday except yesterday, (Friday). Mom and I kept the roads hot, lol!

Monday - We did not have to go to a medical appointment, but a friend came to the house and cut my hair for me. I wanted it cut really close to my head in case my hair fell out during treatment. I buzzed it a little shorter today, I'm loving the buzz and not  having to fix hair! :)

I apologize for not using flash, but there you have it!

Tuesday - I met my radiologist. We didn't discuss much... just went over the basics of what radiation was and how it works. I was very happy to learn that it will not burn afterward! I love their office also. They have very comfy couches to sit on in the lobby and beautiful finches to watch. I really enjoyed visiting here. I am not sure how long I will have to do radiation or how often yet. I go back Monday for a simulation visit to see where the radiation will be used etc.

Wednesday - Weekly visit with Dr. Tran. Increased pain meds and discussed what type of chemo I would have and the side effects. I will not lose my hair, but it will thin; and I can except nausea and vomiting. Treatment starts at 8:45 Tuesday.

Thursday - This was a big day. I had my port placed for Chemo. It was weird waiting to go back for surgery... I have not had surgery since I was a teen (that is if you count having wisdom teeth removed).. before that I was 9 & 10. It is weird having anesthesia through IV and not a masks, but not complaining about that at all, it works faster and you do not wake up groggy. I learned this when I had my liver biopsy a couple weeks ago. I can't remember the date of that right now. We have not discussed the results of said biopsy with the doctor. Hopefully Tuesday! Grr... I had pictures to go with this day also.. I will have to download them and edit the post another day.. ugh!!

Friday - I was suppose to see Dr. Lorenzo in clinic, but she did my surgery so one less trip and a lazy day! I did take a nap today, :) I haven't been sleeping like I need to so yes; I am proud of myself for a nap!

Love and Hugs!

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