December 7, 2015


I have learned several things over the last few weeks since being newly diagnosed with cancer, but the number one thing besides the obvious which is pain sucks; is that I can be a GROUCH.

Yes, all of you who think I am just so sweet all the time... Lol.. no I can be a grouch and a sassafrass. No, it did not bother me to admit that, because it is true.

I like structure and for the last few weeks things seem to just be a bit chaotic still, at least to me. Where I once would love the hustle and bustle of people in and out all the time, tv blaring, etc... Now, I want a quiet and calm environment. Don't get me wrong, I still want people to visit; I can just do without the unnecessary background noise.

I do have myself on a schedule of sorts. I take morning meds at 6, then noon, then 6p, and 11:30-12. I sleep til about 11a after taking morning meds; wake up and then take noon meds. Depending on  the day I am having I may or may not need a nap.

Usually a nap does come into my day at some point and I have figured out the best place for me to nap is in my room. I can make it calm and quiet and not have to worry about someone knocking or the dogs pestering me.

In this short time I have also learned that you will be poked and prodded more than you want to or can even bother to keep up with. Also, they like to make you go NPO (no food by mouth) for procedures.

No food paired with pain makes for what.... a grouch. Tomorrow shall be fun. Liver biopsy at 7a.m. No food after 12a and no meds in the morning. JOY!! :\

So if you ever call, or text and I am short and snappy or give short replies I may just be in a grouchy mood.

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