January 4, 2016

Quick Round Up - New Year/Fun/Word of the Year

My first selfies of the New Year with a new hoodie and boggan on. :) The new year has started off great for me. This is one of the first years in a long time that I did not even watch the ball drop... I usually always watch that.. but just didn't care to this year.

I had a great first weekend of 2016 as well as the week leading up to said weekend. It was an off week for treatment so I tried to do something fun everyday and I am happy to say I was successful. I was able to spend time with my best friend Cassie while she was in from WA visiting and felt well enough to get out and have Japanese for lunch over the weekend which I greatly enjoyed.
Best Friends since we were babies!

I was able to go to church Sunday morning with Erin and Terry. It was great to see everyone there as it always is. The sermon was very spot on with my life at this time. Pastor D talked to us about trusting God and the people He places in our lives. There is a reason for everything that goes on it our lives, even the people we meet!!

I was also able to figure out what my word is for the year. Everything that I have heard, seen, and read this year regarding my faith has lead me back to the word Trust. I feel like God placed me on this journey so I would learn to trust Him more through all things in my life. So, I am trusting in Him that I will make it through this journey... and I am trusting that I will find a Godly companion this year.. I really hope I do.

Tomorrow is another big day, round 2 of treatment so just continue to bare with me for updates this week. I should be starting radiation as well.

Love and Hugs,

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  1. It was good seeing you too, Crystal! We are praying for you especially the next few days with your chemo.

    With having extra littles in the house this year my word of the year is patience. Patience in training them. Patience in training myself to respond to all the children I am caring for in a manner that grows them.