January 9, 2016

Chemo Round 2

Well, I had round 2 this past Tuesday... as always treatment goes well; but I left in a very ill mood. I am not quite sure why this happens but for the first few days post treatment I am just an all out grouch. This time around, I experienced the cold sensitivity, and it is just like they say. It feels like your hands and/or feet have fallen asleep and pins and needles are poking you if cold air hits them. Thus, not a very pleasant experience making me an unhappy person.

The side effect I dislike the most is the restlessness. I am trying my best to fight through it because I should be feeling like me come tomorrow or Monday.

 I did receive some good news though. I do not have to have radiation at this time because I have responded so well to chemo. There will be 2 more rounds of chemo and then a PET scan to see if things are shrinking like we want them to.. then after that we will discuss the use of radiation.

Also, my oncologist started me on a new medicine called Avastin. It essentially acts Round Up; preventing further blood supply to the tumor and killing off the vessels that are already there to keep it from growing. I am really praying my body responds well!

That's pretty much all for now!

Love and Hugs,

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