October 20, 2015

I Don't Want To....

Everyone has those days where they just don't want to. I have been having some recently and I am definitely not a fan. I like to keep busy doing something all the time.

However, recently sometimes all I want to do is sleep because then I don't hurt, and I don't have to worry about other things. Before you jump to conclusions while reading this, No. I am not depressed. I have just been dealing with a lot of medical things lately and it has become a bit exhausting. I have a new pain that could be or could not be related to therapy, all I know is it is annoying. Sometimes I can deal with it others, I just want to sleep.

Speaking of therapy, sometimes I do not want to go there either even as much as I enjoy it. Sometimes I just don't. Period. I go anyway because I have to and that's what it feels like -cause I have to-. I always get this way toward the end of my sessions because I know the road we are heading down. We have just made significant progress, but according to insurance it is not enough to warrant more visits to PT.

I also do not like going when it turns colder. Cold weather is h*ll on a person with spastic CP. Excuse the colorful language but that is just the truth, ok? It is a lot harder to move because muscles are tighter and bones ache as though we have arthritis. I would much rather spend the winter in hoodies and fuzzy PJ bottoms under my flannel sheets than to get out and do much of anything in the winter.

There is this thing called life, and we must live it. Despite the challenges we must persevere, even on our "Don't Want To" days...


  1. I hear you especially about the cold.... Hope things get better....

    1. Thank you T.J. It is good to hear from you. I always look forward to your blog posts! I hope you are well! :)