October 22, 2015

Zumba & Birchwood Community Center

This past Monday was my first ever Zumba class with the beautiful Mrs. Sharon Wright as instructor. She and her hubby Jason are working really hard to be able to keep the old elementary school building in our community up and running as a community center. Zumba is one of the ways they're able to do this.

I have wanted to try Zumba for a while and just haven't. I thought, I'm going to look like a dork out there only moving my arms; or it isn't going to do anything for me because I can only move my arms. Not the case. Not the case at all. I absolutely loved Zumba. I kept my focus on Shannon as best I could to follow moves. I quickly realized I did not look like a dork, that we were all there to have a good time and enjoy ourselves which is just what we did!

I am thankful for this opportunity to keep working my upper body in a fun and upbeat environment. PT will end next week, sadly, but with Zumba and keeping motivated to workout at home. I won't lose what I have gained in upperbody strength. I will only gain more! :)

I can't wait for next Monday! Happy Zumbaing to you!!

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