October 28, 2015


Home (noun): the place where one lives.

I was thinking about this simple word today quite heavily as I was getting ready to go to physical therapy. I thought to myself, home has many definitions and that definition is different for everyone. Come to think of it my definition of home has changed in the last 7 months.

It is not that little box with a triangle for a roof and the door and windows we draw on paper as kids. It is not even my physical address or the brick and mortar that keeps me safe at night. Are you thinking I am crazy yet?

Home for me at this point in my life is my community and my church. Home truly is the small town U.S.A. I grew up in. I always said after I left that I would not live here again. A lot can change in 12 years. Moving back in with my parents has been one of the best decisions of my adult life and I am not afraid to admit it. I have been a lot happier and found that contrary to my thinking I have more of a social life here within the community than I did when I lived in my own home, and the two are very different.

I have found a church that feels like home as well and that is something that is very important to me. I attend a discipleship class, Bible study and help with other activities when needed. I am growing spiritually and learning so much about His Word, reconnecting with people I've known all my life, as well as making new friends.

I recently started attending Zumba classes at our community center and will be attending a Bible study there as well beginning next week.

Next on my list is to attend a show at our little Opry we have and find my picture on the wall. :)

When I left this place I had no intentions of living here again, ever. I guess God's plan was different and obviously better than mine. He knew where I needed to be.

I am glad Birchwood is home.

What does it mean to you?

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