September 28, 2015


Yes, that is a tattoo you see. My very first one. I am now inked. I have wanted some ink for a very long time, but would not get up the courage to get one because I did not know what I wanted, and I was afraid it was going to hurt really bad.

Well, as it turns out it did not hurt as bad as what I thought it was going to. I thought they dug the needle into your skin, LOL. You can tell I am new to the tattoo world huh?

I chose this as my tattoo because I wanted I constant reminder of the journey I have been on and where my hope is. My hope is anchored in the love that Christ has for me. My hope is getting to know Him more and more everyday.

I had it put on my wrist so I could see it. So others could see it. You never know, that little tattoo may lead to a conversation and ultimately leads someone to Christ.