November 6, 2015

God Has a Better Plan

Where do you see yourself in five to ten years?

Do you remember being asked that question all through out school? I do. I cannot tell you what my answers where, but I can tell you that whatever was written on those papers is not how my life panned out.

If my life had happened as I wanted it to; I would be married, have children, a job, and a house at this time in my life. Most people my age that I know have those things. Sometimes, it is as if their life unfolds before you as a fairy tale. That is when I remind myself that I do not see what goes on in their lives behind closed doors. I only see what is on Facebook or what they talk to me about.

The last 6 to 8 months have been very trying for me. I have been back and forth to doctors a lot trying to figure out how best to maintain my mobility and gain a little more independence. There have been many a curve ball thrown in my direction while trying to figure all this out, which makes me frustrated. I wish parts of it could just be simple; like getting a new wheelchair, that should not be so hard to do but it is something that I do not have direct control over. I just have to wait.

I am learning quickly that God takes what we think is just horrible in our lives to use it for His good. I spend more time in my Bible than I ever have. I am developing relationships with Christian people, and becoming active within my church.

Something good will also come from the pain I am dealing with. Someone somewhere will be touched by my determination. Someone will have hope again because they heard that I did not give up. Let me just say, that it has not been easy to keep smiling through this pain I have been dealing with. I have certainly had to lean on friends and family to make it through this rough spot.

In the mean time, I am gently reminded, God has a better plan, and His plan will not fail me!

The same for you, if you are struggling and do not know which way to go it is the perfect time to just open up to Him and let it out! :)

"For I know the plans I have for you", says The Lord. 

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