February 15, 2016

My Very Best Friend

Cassie. My very best friend. Thirty years of friendship. Lives that have somehow always connected and paralled throughout the years. From little girls who loved to play Nintendo for hours on end, to teenagers with an interest in piano and music, and silly boys, to adults who have amazingly fought through similar hard times, one of mine being now when yours was many years ago.

Where would I be without you? Right now, I truly do not know. I couldn't tell you. You're the only person that gets everything I feel and everything I think right now. Everyone tries of course, but they just can't unless they have been here. It's not possible to completely understand. I am so thankful that you do and that you can, because there are days that you are my God send and I think He knows that just as well, I really do.

Though I fight through loneliness, it is a great comfort knowing that you get it all, completely 100% and that my feelings are never invalid. I am thankful that in the beginning I could call you and cry and have feelings of uncertainty... and I am even more thankful that I can call you now and talk about the good things and where things should go from here.

We've been through a lot together, good and bad. I will never forget when you got your DX and you called me and asked me how I dealt with my life everyday living with CP and being in a wheelchair overcoming obstacles all the time. I just did, being strong is all I knew then and it is all I know now. Just like before we are in this together and I thank you so much for being my rock. You knew what you were doing when you chose your profession, and I think God knew also that I'd need you like I do. I would need someone who not only knew exactly what I was going through, but could also give me a little insight and comfort.

I thank God that you are who you are, and you do what you do. I am also thankful that you have always challenged me over the years even when I don't like it and we disagree. We make each other think and we love each other through it all.

I love you Cass, thank you for being, my very best friend.

Love and Hugs,

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