August 19, 2015

Sometimes You Have to Laugh

I had to laugh today. I went in the kitchen today to get a drink and check the Keurig. [It is usually full of water just in case I want oatmeal for breakfast.] Well, it was not full so no oatmeal today, but that is perfectly fine. None of this I am writing about was intentional.  Yes, I know I could have made it in the microwave but the Keurig is much more convenient. So, I go to the refrigerator for a drink and this is what I see. A shrine of Coke, Dr. Pepper, and Yoo-Hoo's that are out of my reach. All I can do is look at them. (Mom sets a glass of tea, and/or a Coke in the door for me).

While this was a bit frustrating for a moment because I could not reach what I wanted; when Mom got home we laughed about it. I was not mad at her. Sometimes, when the little things frustrate you, its best to laugh them off and move along. It is not worth getting mad over. I have many of these moments in my life because I use a wheelchair. I am so glad that I have learned to laugh them off and not get mad.

I would be mad all the time if I let all the little things like this bother me constantly, and that is no way to live life. I see posts about people who feel trapped because they cannot get out and about much...etc. I am so thankful and grateful that even when I get down and out I find a reason to smile through it. I pull myself out of the slump.

Thanks Mom, for the laughs! :)

What little things like this have made you giggle?

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