August 15, 2015



Yes. I am. I have been following a fellow blogger for nearly three years now. She and I quickly became cyber-friends after she introduced me to Cerebral Palsy Family Network and asked me if I would be interested in writing for them about living with Cerebral Palsy. Her name is Lisa Viele. 

During the past three years I have learned a lot more about Cerebral Palsy and how everyone's challenges are different; not just the individuals but also their families. I use to always think this kind of life was a "piece of cake" despite the challenges my family and I have endured, but it is not always that way. It is not always as easy as I have been fortunate to have it.

Lisa's daughters' story is a perfect example of this for me. Lizzy is 15 years old. Lizzy cannot speak and is also legally blind. She has seizures. Her mother cares for her 24/7. Remember, I just said that I thought this was easy. When I began to read Lisa's blog and chat with her via Facebook I started to realize that was not the case for everyone. I quickly learned that sometimes it is extremely frustrating trying to figure out what is wrong with your child or to understand what the doctors may be telling you in regards to what is best for your child and their well being. 

I have always bragged on my Mom and what an awesome job she has done over the years regarding my medical decisions growing up. She did the best she could with the information given - just like Lisa has for Lizzy. Today. Today it hit me. It was somewhat easy for my mom and myself because I could tell her when and where I was hurting and what degree of pain I was in. It was not a guessing game for her. She didn't have to hope that medicine worked because I could tell her if it did or not. I am 100% aware of what is going on in the world around me, meaning, the world we all live in and the world of living with physical challenges. I have always known what the doctors were talking about when it came time for surgery and how intense therapy would be. I still know what I need to do to keep myself healthy and am able to fully take care of myself on my own. I will say, this was not a certain milestone for me as my mom was not sure I would be able to do so with certainty until I was in my late teenage and early adult years.

So, today I am thankful and I am humbled to be where I am in my life today. I am so blessed and blessed to have such a sweet connection with Lisa even if only through cyberspace [for now]. I cannot thank her enough for sharing CPFN with me three years ago, and for the friendship that continues to grow. I am thankful to know that it is not always a piece of cake. I am thankful to know it's okay to write about the not so good times. [I always hide those].

Thank you Lisa and Lizzy for humbling me. I love you! May we always find strength in our faith and each other!

You can read more about Lizzy's journey here at: Diving For Healing


  1. You truly know. You understand. You get it. I am so grateful for this. I have cried numerous times reading it. Thank you Crystal. Thank you so much.

    1. Lisa, you are most welcome. I don't write for the attention. I just write what I feel. What I think. I do understand and I am here any time you want to chat. I know I am not a parent, I am the child with CP but I will help you as much as I can. Love you so much. Please feel free to share if you would like to.