March 6, 2013

The Confident Woman: When You Feel Afraid

"Fear does not mean you are a coward. It only means that you need to be willing to feel the fear and do what you need to do anyway." ~Joyce Meyer

Day 2: When You Feel Afraid
Ezra 3:3-4

There have been many times in my life. It is human nature to do so. One that has particularly always stood out to me is the fear I would have when it came time for me to have surgery. I can remember being afraid of the OR. I did not even like going past it during a regular visit. I was also afraid of waking up during surgery. But, I always stepped out on faith and trusted that everything would be okay. I was a brave little soldier. I can vividly remember facing my fear and pressing forward when I went in for my last hip surgery. I sat in the window seat before time to go back and I prayed that everything would be okay and I would not wake up during surgery. I called my Granny and told her I had prayed and I loved her. When it was time for me to go back for surgery my Dad carried me back to the OR as we were walking there I continued to pray. At 9 years old I stepped out on faith and believed with everything I had. Now 20 years later I am still kickin' and my hip is still in place.'

I think society plays a role in the way women let fear take over in life sometimes, because we are seen as the weaker sex. But, we need to stand strong in our faith and just face our fear, whatever it may be. When we face our fears head on it makes us stronger and more confident, and most of all builds our faith!

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