March 13, 2013

The Confident Woman: Venture off the Path 3-10-13

Day 6: Venture off the Path
1 Corinthians 12:27

I'm sure there have been many times in life where you wanted to do things differently than everyone else. You wanted to take the road less traveled so-to-speak. I know many people who are like this. Do not be afraid to "venture off the path". It is okay to live outside the norm. How else do you expect to develop your individuality? ;)

I believe this can also be done in the way you choose to practice your faith, whatever that may be. Some people go to church every time to doors are open. Some listen to only Christian genre's of music, or only watch related TV programming. While all of these things are fine, that is not how I chose to personally practice my faith. I read devotional's and write out my thoughts and feelings about them just as I am doing here. I also write prayers in a notebook several times a week.

Do you venture off the path, or follow the norm?

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