June 30, 2011

Weekend Fun

Hey Bloggers!

I promise I am going to get better at this blogging thing and post more than what I have been. My number of posts are not many - need to work on that!

Today I want to share some pictures from last weekend with you, so here goes!

Last Thursday, Michael and I went on an evening boat ride with a friend. He took pictures of the sunset!

The beautiful sunset from the boat on the river!

I simply have no words for this. It's just beautiful and very unique. I've never seen anything like this before. God sure can paint some pretty pictures, don't you think? :)
 On Saturday evening we went to our dear friends the Del Signore's for dinner. We were the guinea pigs for Wendy's new dish. I must say it was delicious! I always enjoy spending time with them and there little man, Caleb. He loves us and really enjoys playing with Michael. :) I love watching him get excited and just giggle! He is a joy. I also enjoy talking to Wendy and continuing to build our friendship while the guys do their thing, ha!
We were playing with Caleb's car toy! That face is too cute!

This was the first time he let me pick him up!

He is such a happy kid! My smile should have been better! Haha!

He liked my necklace ;)

Caleb had to check out my phone :)
I'm already looking forward to this weekend as well. We have a couple of fun things planned. Hopefully, I will get pictures and post them for you next week. Happy reading and blogging!


  1. Caleb really does love you guys! I'm so glad we got to spend time together. Needs to be more often for sure!