July 26, 2011

My Buddy Bruno

Hey Everyone! This should be a fun cute post. I have been aiming to do it for a while. While I was sitting here on the couch doing absolutely nothing I thought I would post it since I have everything I need for it!

Last year around this time a friend of mine from high school got in touch with me about a puppy she had that needed a home. My chiweenie had been ran over just a few weeks earlier. Everyone told me not to rush and pick the first one I saw, so I told my friend I would keep Bruno for a week and see how things went, well guess what he is still here! I wouldn't trade him for anything. He is my buddy, my companion when I am home by myself and I have come to learn that even though he is small he is very protective of his mommy and daddy! When I take a shower, he stays underneath my wheelchair until I am finished. He stays right by my pretty much all day long.

Here are some pictures of my little buddy: