March 17, 2016


I have been feeling really good lately even after treatments. A few weeks ago Mom and I were running an errand and I heard on the radio that Foreigner was going to be at the Tivoli that night and the show was not yet sold out. I immediately got on the phone with my buddy Erin and asked her if she wanted to go with it. She did. I came straight home and purchased the tickets. A couple minutes later the show was sold out.

When I was purchasing the tickets, I asked the lady on the line if I would for sure be able to see from my seat. She assured me that I would and I went through with the purchase. When the show started, it was a different story. I could not see anything for the people standing up. This was upsetting to both Erin and I. She asked one of the employees if we could just get our money back because I could not see the show and it was not worth it. They politely asked us to hang on a moment they were going to get someone. A few moments later a gentleman came to us and said, "Follow me. I am going to move you to the front." He moved us right to the stage!!!

We had an amazing time after that. All of the band members came up to us and rocked out. The lead singer even grabbed my hand twice. ;) I started not to go to the show because I was worried about my counts and catching something, but I am so glad we went and had such a great time. After all, life is all about LIVING!!!

I know you've been waiting... here are pictures:

Next on the list as long as I will be able to see and nothing gets in the way, ZZ TOP!

Love and Hugs,


  1. Go for it!!! So glad you didn't miss out! Life is for livin!!

    1. I am glad too. I had an awesome time that night! I was planning to go see ZZ Top on May 3rd, but decided not to because I don't know where I'm headed medically if that makes sense.

  2. You deserve it girl! You are loved!

    1. Thanks TeeJ!! I had an really good time!