November 29, 2012

True Value

Yesterday my Facebook status read the following:

"I am thankful that I have been raised to know the value of time, and what it means to spend that time with loved ones making memories; and that the holiday season doesn't have to be about $."

Over the last several years I have realized just how commercialized the holiday season has become. Black Friday shopping. Big extravagant gifts. Who spends the most money on what, etc., etc.

I feel as though most people have forgotten just what I stated in my status update. The holidays do not have to be able who bought who what or how much they spent. What deals they scored on Black Friday.

The holidays can simply be about togetherness and this year my family has decided to make it about that. You could have all the money in the world but you can't take it with you when you go. Time is something you can never get back. Once it's gone that's it. People tend to forget that these days because everything is too fast paced. I'm glad I've slowed down to really open my eyes and realize how valuable time is. The word time is even valuable if you think about it!

So, instead of hustling and bustling about this year; stop and smell the roses as they say and spend time with those you love without worrying about who's going to buy this or that! :)

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