November 12, 2012

Saturday Night Fun

This past Saturday night was spent at home, but was a ton of fun!

My friend Gina and I bought white fudge covered Oreo's when we made a trip to the grocery story a couple weeks ago. They were quite delicious and we discovered we could get more for our money if we bought the items needed to make our own. So, last week we made sure we did just that! Saturday night we made the Oreo's and also made Ritz peanut butter crackers and dipped those in the white chocolate as well. The crackers were a special request of mine. Granny made them sometimes as a dessert for our holiday meals. They're one of my favorites. It was nice to have those memories to go back to while making the cookies and crackers. :)

After making the sweets we decided to go old school on the Wii and play Super Mario Bros. 3. Oh what fun that was! It was one of our favorite games as kids. I really enjoyed playing it. I can remember playing it on the original NES and SNES; and when I would get stuck somewhere I would holler "Dad! Will you come help me beat this level?" Lol! Great memories and great times from my childhood!

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