March 27, 2012

Miss Kaylee :)

This is little Miss Kaylee, my sunshine! She will be 5 years old this October. Seems like just yesterday I was watching her be born!

She is a very smart and happy girl. Last Tuesday, after going to pick up my new chair in Chattanooga (next blog post!) I went to Mom's for a while. Kaylee gets books from the Imagination Library. This is one of her favorites. She read this story to me all by herself! :) I'd never heard it til then. How sweet to hear it for the first time from a 4 year old.

I just wanted to share that little tid bit. She sure does know how to brighten your day and make you laugh. We are all the time laughing at something she is doing or saying. I am so glad that she has taken up with Michael and I more recently as well. She loves being around Uncle Mikey so they can wrestle and be goofy. :)

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  1. me and Maddy LOVE the llama llama books :) Kaylee is a beautiful girl!