September 18, 2011

Blessing Bags

I ran across this idea on my cousins Facebook page. This picture is actually from her page. She is into couponing and what she has done is taken extras of several things she has as you can see, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, and little goodies and put them in a baggy. Simple enough. Now you may be wondering why they are called Blessing Bags. . .

I know many of you have been driving down the Interstate or through town and seen people holding up signs needing money, food, etc. The next time you see one of them or even someone homeless you could hand them one of these instead of money. I'm sure they could use each and every item in it and what a blessing for you to know that you've helped someone in such a sweet way that didn't cost a lost of money! I myself have not gotten into couponing yet, but I would love to for this reason. If you are an avid couponer and you have several extra items such as these consider this idea this holiday season, or anytime! :)


  1. That is why I think couponing is so amazing! I am trying my best to become a magnificent couponer, but it does require time that I do not have. I think it is so great of people to use their "stock pile" to help others in need. I really do not believe in giving people on the side of the road money, but I have no problems giving them actual food or in this case this goody bag. Thank you for sharing this idea and it gives me something to try out once I can :)

  2. I've seen these over on Pinterest. People love the idea! The only thing I'd be cautious about is putting some of it in a hot car during the summer. I truly love this idea though. I always feel so sad for people on the side of the road, but I never give money because I don't want to feed any kind of bad habit.