March 17, 2011

Time with God

How do you spend time with God? Do you sing, pray aloud, read His Word.. talk to others about Him?

I spend my time with Him by writing in a prayer book not only for myself but others as well. I do this, because I personally do not like praying aloud. I like to write things out so I can see them and also refer to them later. I have been spending a lot of time writing in my prayer journal over the last few weeks. It is a comfort and a release for me. I am so glad I chose to do this. I have learned so much through it, especially this last week. I've prayed/wrote many a prayer for those I know battling sickness, for our finances and many other different things. All of these prayers have been answered, not on my time, but His. I prayed the prayer for our finances a couple months ago and had just started to lose hope that something better would come through for us, just as I started having that little bit of doubt, God came through for us once again. I have learned through writing my prayers down that He really does answer them and sometimes, its not right then. He kind of makes it suspenseful for us at times and makes us wonder, them BAM! there it is! I've had my prayer journal for a year, but just really started using it this year. It has made such a difference for me and I am glad I can read older entries and know without a doubt that those prayers have been answered in some form or fashion. It amazes me and it is such a blessing.

Thank you Lord for answering each and every prayer not in my time, but Yours. Thank you for the wonderful people I have in my life to share such wonderful things with. Amen!

I hope everyone has a blessed weekend!


  1. God is so good! This is a wonderful idea and it really records how God takes care of us!

  2. Great post, Crystal. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I'm glad you shared this! When the Lord brings you to mind I pray for you!