June 13, 2016

Same Life, New Story: Abagail


I know I need to overcome my fear of living with cancer by taking these first steps forward in my life...

1). Accepting this as my new normal way of life. Learning to see cancer as a chronic illness, (think of something like diabetes). A person with diabetes has to take insulin to maintain his or her life. My chemo treatments will be very similar. They will help manage mine.

2). Trusting God will continue to see me through. Also, He will continue to bless me and help me bless others with my story. I also cannot forget to thank Him; because He has made this time in my life full of joy. Even on my worst days, I find something to be happy about. I realize I have been blessed greatly because treatment has not made me sick. I am still very healthy. Essentially, I have a disease you cannot see. (Think of someone with chronic pain/fibromyalgia). How do I feel about it? At first, I will not sure, but with each passing day it gets a little easier. I know the best thing to do isa to keep living positively.

3). Be open about thoughts and feelings. It is very important to share things instead of keeping them bottled up inside. Being open gives others the chance to help you and also may help relieve stress and tension in your own body.

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