July 16, 2015

Pray For Chattanooga

Today, my city made national news. There was a shooting at a military recruiting office. Five people were injured. Four military personnel are deceased, one police officer is in stable condition at the hospital.

This is one of those times where "It will never happen here." is ringing loud in my head. I always brush off these stories and think exactly that. Today I cannot do that. Today, my city was shaken. Today my city experienced what has happened in other places. Today, my city will come together as one - we will pray.

I will continue to pray in the days yet to come. I wish that we could get answers to all the questions we all have. Unfortunately, that cannot happen. Some questions will remain unanswered. While this is a sad and tragic event, we must be positive and move forward stronger than we were today before this took place.

I posted a Facebook status this morning that began like this:

My God's Not Dead
He is surely ALIVE.

I did not know that this was going to take place today. However, I feel it could not have been posted at no better time. He is not dead. He is alive right now, in this event. I am thankful I can rest in this peace.


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