May 16, 2015

Summer Doo

Say "Hello!" to the new me...

That's my new doo for the summer ya'll! It is a whole lot cooler and much easier to maintain. I have had my hair short several times over the years. It seems to be something I always return to. I like my hair short for several reasons.
  • It shows my face.
  • Use less shampoo.
  • Wash n' Go.
  • Easy to fix.
The only con to having short hair is that mine grows very fast, so there's regular trips to the salon if I want to keep it short. I plan to do that for a while and am even going to go a little shorter on the top so that my salon trips do not have to be so frequent. 

I know my hair is very pretty when it is long, but for me it is a lot to keep up with and maintain. It's hard to brush and usually ends up in a messy bun of sorts on top of my head which gets boring to me after a while!

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