July 27, 2014

Mail Call

"Welcome: You've Got Mail!" We all remember hearing those words after signing into AOL. When I was a teen those words made me happy as ever. They meant I had mail from friends and I couldn't wait to read it and send something back. Now, I do good to get any email worth reading. I have to admit, I miss email. I still think it is a great tool for communication - but as with all things technology has evolved into texting and social media networks.

Checking my mailbox at home is usually not even close to exciting. It's bills and junk mail. Who wants that? But, every time I order something offline via Amazon or something of the sort I get excited just like I did logging into AOL. 

This week I ordered a case for my phone. I have been looking for a case for some time because my poor phone is beginning to look kind of beat up from dropping it and this bugs me. After searching for what seemed like forever on Amazon I finally found something I liked. It's not an OtterBox [They don't make them for Samsung Galaxy Mini's]. Shame I know!

I paid $5.25 for this gem with free shipping and received it by weeks end. I love it. It seems like it is going to be very durable and it also makes the phone easier for me to hold. That's a plus! All the dings and bangs on my phone are covered so its like getting a brand new phone, at least to me it is!

What has been one of your favorite online purchases? Do you miss communicating with people via e-mail?


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