May 30, 2014

The Gift of Time

All of us are given the gift of time to use in whatever way we choose. Sometimes we are wise about it and sometimes not.

After finishing school at Cleveland State I was sure that I would have a job working from home doing medical transcription, which would make for a lot of time spent productively. Unfortunately, life did not pan out that way. I settled into just tending to the house. Billls were paid, I didn't need to worry.

However, at times I would worry about what others thought of me because I had gone to school and didn't have anything to show for it besides the degree hanging on my living room wall. It bothered me that I had achieved this goal and was not even putting it to use. In short, at times I have felt like a bum. I have often times begged the question, "Why did I do that if I was not going to use it?" I know many of us ask that question after finishing school. But, we should be proud of ourselves for achieving that goal which we set for ourselves. I know I am.

I have learned to see this personal struggle I've had in a different light. Having "too much time on my hands" has afforded me many wonderful opportunities. I am able to give my time to those who need it most - my family.

My sister does not have to worry about finding a sitter while she works. I am available anytime I need to be.
I am able to be part of all activities Kaylee has in school because I am not working around a schedule.
I am able to spend a lot of one-on-one time with Kaylee also.

I am thankful for this opportunity. I may not ever have kids of my own, but having time allows me to play a big role in my nieces life and that is one of the most important jobs I could have in this life. I get paid with lots of love and girly giggles!


  1. Great post... I relate in some ways! Love your blog name!

    1. Thank you TJ. I am glad you could relate to this post! :)

  2. Being an aunt is a very important job! I am glad you are there for Kaylee and your sister. Great article!