January 22, 2014

Special Needs Animals: Be Their Voice :)

For the majority of those with dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and the like; the animal isn't just their pet. They are considered to be part of the family, a furry child if you will. For some, their pet is the only "child" they have. Just like human babies, some are born with special needs, and require special care and/or equipment to help them life their life to the fullest. 

I use a wheelchair to help me be mobile and live life to the fullest. So does the little Chihuahua below named BeBe. Physical therapy has also been part of my well being throughout the years just as it was for the Boston Terrier with Swimmer's Puppy Syndrome.

Special needs animals need just as much of a chance at life. The same chance the child with mental or physical challenges is given. Just as we have to be the voice for the human special needs community, our furry friends need the same voice speaking out for them as well!

BeBe gets A Wheelchair
Swimmer's Puppy Syndrome

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