October 9, 2013

Meatloaf and Cornbread

Since purchasing my toaster oven I am constantly trying to think of things I can cook. I absolutely love it! While out shopping with my friend Amber last weekend for groceries; I mentioned that I would like to buy a loaf pan. I found one for only .94! [Thank you Walmart]. I bought that as well as a baking pan so I would be able to make brownies in the near future as well. (I have a bottle of Shake 'N Pour).

I was very excited about this shopping trip because I was buying what I needed to make my very first pan of homemade meatloaf and also a pan of cornbread all in my trusty toaster oven. How excited I was!

Amber spent the evening with me to ensure everything went A. OK as I embarked on this little venture. Everything turned out just fine and I am glad she was here to share this experience with me. :)

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