June 8, 2012

Rodeo Time

The last weekend in May and the first weekend in June are two of my favorites. There is a rodeo each weekend and I love going to them. One is here in Cleveland and the other is in Athens.

This year we took Kaylee to the Rodeo in Cleveland for a second time. She really enjoyed herself this year and even went into the arena with the other kids to chase to calf and get the ribbon off its tail! :) Her Uncle Mikey and I both have her spoiled rotten I do believe. He bought her a pink cowgirl hat. She also rode the ponies twice. I think that was her favorite part of the night.

Michael and I went that Saturday night also with our neighbors. We all had a great time too!

Last weekend Michael and I went to the Shriners rodeo in Athens with our neighbors. I always try to make it to this rodeo because it supports such a great cause. I went to Shriners Hospital as a child and they truly are a blessing for many. They don't just care for the children, they care for their families as well. Everything they do is free of charge to the family. They provide excellent care and services to special needs children.

I do have some pictures of the first rodeo, I've just got to get them off my phone and on my computer. That will be my next post!

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